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Life in the Time of COVID 19

Wow.....What weird wild times these are! Like most Americans, I am holed up at home. Only leaving the house to run those essential errands (food, fuel, medication) or to get some fresh air...appreciate the warm air and sunshine. I learned how to make a face mask using a bandana and an old pair of tights...good tutorial! Here's the link below:

I just wanted to be ready if the CDC decides everyone actually should wear masks when out in public.

The four humans, two cats and one hamster at my house are managing this pretty well. Nobody is grouching at anybody else and we have accepted that this is just the way it needs to be for now. Of course, we were a bunch of homebodies before all of this began, so we adapted quite easily. And really despite the potential danger of dying from this thing, is what we are being asked to do so hard? ( People who have lost income/jobs and are in dire straits wondering how they are going to cover rent and I understand why they are stressed and my heart breaks for them.) We are being asked to stay home and binge Netflix for a month. Is that really SO hard? We aren't being asked to buy war bonds and we don't need to practice using gas masks, and spending the night in a bomb shelter with a 1,000 or so members of your neighborhood. We aren't being forced to ration food, gas, and even clothing. During WWII, Americans were asked to conserve on everything. See what I mean....we got this! When you think of it that way....this COVID thing doesn't sound so bad now does it? Pass the popcorn...and stay healthy!

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