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Happy New Year!

Hoping everyone stays healthy this year....tho, sadly I know this is not possible. A lot of people WILL get sick this year. I can only hope they all have health insurance.

{This is an aside but that just blows me's 2020 and not everyone in this country has health insurance. It is 2020. This is the United States of America....not some "sh*t hole country" as our dear leader is fond of saying. Don't get me started on that asshat..... }

Gonna show off my bleeding heart liberal bias here, but I believe EVERYONE should have health insurance. I also believe health care should not be expensive, that you should be able to know your costs up front, and that insurance should not be a for- profit business or have shareholders....but I digress....I do that alot. If you spend anytime reading anything I've written you will see that.

But here's the kicker....even if you have insurance, your insurance company can still refuse to cover your care. Really....for no particular reason. Just cause they don't feel like paying out. They will make up some excuse like you haven't tried less invasive treatments before going ahead with surgery. But here's the thing: You did. You spent 6 weeks in physical therapy trying to get some relief from your unrelenting back pain which they should know because they authorized payment for those sessions. So where's the disconnect? I really wish I knew. All I know is people for the most part make good faith efforts to follow their insurance company's rules when obtaining care. But their insurance companies do not necessarily return in kind.

This is where my (lord, I can't believe I am going to admit this) 29 years in the health care field comes in handy. I often tell people I know just enough to be insurance companies anyway. And that's what you want when your insurance company tries to skip out on paying for your care....someone who speaks "insurance" (because it really is a different language) ....or simply just hold their feet to the fire and get them to pay the dang bill!

Next time, I will tell you the story of how my patient advocacy began.....


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